Python snippets

This is a post where I aggregate useful python snippets that I use regularly and forget again anyways. Have fun, maybe there is something useful for you too!

Reimporting a module in Python

import importlib

This will reload a module with all changes made to the file. If you reload a module that you gave an alias to, you have to reimport the alias to make it work.

import my_module as m
import importlib


Going straight to a command line from a script

Basically this fancy line of code opens a python command line from your script and copies all current locals (e.g. variables, imported libraries, ect.). It is super useful for debugging and for automating the boring parts when you still need to experiment around.

Credit goes to @miterion <3

from code import interact

# .... somewhere in your code

Finding the insertion point in an array

When you want to find the first element in a list that is smaller then an item, you can use the python bisect module. This handy module can find the proper insertion points for items in lists and also do the insertion in one function. It is super useful for inserting into sorted lists, or looking for thresholds.

import bisect

l = [1,2,3]
bisect.bisect_left(l,0) # output 0
bisect.bisect_left(l, 2.5) # output 2
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