Figment of my imagination

Something old…

Ich habe ewig keine durchgehenden Texte verfasst (und noch nie unter Klarnamen) also ist das hier womöglich etwas holprig. Ich muss mir allerdings einige Gedanken aus dem Kopf schreiben. Experimentelle Lyrik ohne Reim und Metrum…

You do not exist,
I have never met you,
yet you haunt my dreams every night,
running your fingers through my hair.

You are just a figment of my imagination.

I want to touch you,
kiss you and love you.
I want to look in your eyes
and drown in an endless sea.

But you do not exist,
You are just a figment of my imagination.

I know that you are out there,
somewhere dreaming and waiting.
I want our meeting to be today,
not tomorrow or never.

Are you just a figment of my imagination?

A coder's poem

January 22, 2018
Don't you love that feeling when you want to be productive, but all scripts run for several hours
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